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Exclusive ‘Cool to be Kind’ tshirts for KIDS, WOMEN, MEN

cool-to-be-kind-2HeresJack is looking for your help! Jack’s family needs a stair lift and also needs to modify a bathroom in their home to provide safe care for Jack. Insurance doesn’t cover these big expenses and you can help by purchasing tshirts or making a donation.

*Prices include shipping (continental U.S.)

$22 Kids unisex sizes (ages 2-3 XS, 4-6 S, 7-9 M, 10-12 L, 14-16 XL)

$30 Women’s (XS,S,M,L,XL, XXL)

$30 Men’s (S,M,L,XL,XXL) These run a bit small so order a size up.

To purchase:
1. Simply donate the total of your purchases via the button below.
2. Just below the amount that you enter, you will be given the option to WRITE A NOTE. Here you will state the sizes of the shirts you want to order (and whether kids, women’s, men’s) and give us your shipping address.
3. All shirts will be shipped before Thanksgiving.



Visit this page to find updates about upcoming events to raise awareness about Hunter Syndrome and raise funds for research and to support Jack’s unexpected medical expenses.

Many Putts and Swings for a cure was a huge success. And Jack’s annual Bowl-A-Thon was beyond fun, we promise to make these events happen again soon. Please stay in touch!

One thought on “What’s Happening

  1. I can also recall that dreadful day when my only child Arian was diagnosed and doctor told ” Arian has a rare genetic disease called MPS….and it has no treatment”. I was speechless and shocked, could not get up for few minutes. My journey towards HOPE is going on for the treatment (ERT). Unfortunately it is unaffordable and also ELAPRASE is not available in India. We are fighting and contacting Shire. Will be waiting for that day when my son will get ERT. Our best wishes to Jack. May God bless him.

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