Posted in November 2012

This and Thats in a small sterile room

We’re back! Today starts the new chemo protocol to really knock out these antibodies fighting his much needed enzyme. He will take 3 additional oral drugs and receive an additional intravenous chemo. A lot, a lot, a lot so please keep us in your prayers. 8 weeks and counting! Oh and pending labs are not … Continue reading

Grateful & Thankful

Tis the season we are reminded to take time to be grateful for what we have. I am proud to say that my daily meditation and prayers these days have not neglected my acknowledgement for all that I am thankful and grateful for. It’s becoming easier and easier to relax in silence. This is because … Continue reading


Today is lab and chemo day at the hospital. Jack is accustom to the hospital staff now and overall doing a great job with his treatment. The past month brought news that Jack’s antibody titers stabilized and were not going down. That being said we are completing this weeks chemo, and after the Thanksgiving holiday … Continue reading