Grateful & Thankful

Tis the season we are reminded to take time to be grateful for what we have. I am proud to say that my daily meditation and prayers these days have not neglected my acknowledgement for all that I am thankful and grateful for. It’s becoming easier and easier to relax in silence. This is because I am feeling whole, whole because I have the ability to take sacred time that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have support around us. So today in silence and aloud I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to each and everyone that has supported us the past 4 months.

Thank you…family from near and far coming in and helping out, meeting new friends wanting to help, dog sleepovers, friends parents offering us a home downtown near the hospital, a team of doctors who are aggressive and accessible, an incredible visit from my MPS lady friends, old friends sending letters of encouragement, cards saying hello, uplifting texts/emails/posts, surprise Skype calls and a recent crazy birthday party with my Denver crew (Insert huge smiley face). Im cherishing each moment, so grateful for each of them! It takes a village to raise a family, it takes a very large, big hearted village to raise a child with a rare disease!

A special shout to my sister in law Beth who flew in last minute and jumped right in to help out when I was needing it the most. My children love you to pieces, and Jason and I admire your ability to sacrifice your own family for ours. And thank you Aunt Liz for coming on your days off to help us and always bringing something sweet. And mom, well the countless miles you put on the car coming in and out. And dad for allowing this. And my MPS ladies, thank you for never judging and always getting!

And last but certainly not least, what I am most thankful for is my boy feeling good. Although he is recently recovering from a little bug, he has bounced back quickly thanks to the IVIG he receives monthly. Overall he has been extremely healthy and comfortable. He continues to show improvement in all areas. We are so proud of him, he is so proud of himself. Next week we introduce some new drugs and will also get more lab results back. We trust all is moving in a positive direction!

Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to all! God is good!



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