Posted in January 2013

Defining moment

Wednesday, January 23rd 2009 MPS entered our world and today Wednesday, January 23rd 2013 marks 4 years since Jack’s diagnosis. As I have mentioned in past “anniversary” posts one never forgets that defining moment. That very second you life goes from clarity to upside down, and blurry. I still recall the room, the people present, … Continue reading

Striving for balance and running out of chocolate

The recent lab results are back and Jack’s antibody titers continue to decrease. Still not where we need to be but down enough for our oncologist and geneticist to take away the booster drugs (the big guns that we dislike) and begin the maintenance plan. . The team is confidence the titers will continue to … Continue reading

Bursts of energy

Life is all about leveraging small bursts of energy… Jack and I are recovering from our 6 month round of chemo. Yes I include myself because last week was quite traumatic. Jack reacted to IVIG, at home. He had labored breathing and wheezing. So scary! And one of the home nurses who was caring for … Continue reading