Posted in December 2012

Gift without wrapping paper

Happy holidays! Amidst the food, toys, returns, friends/family, back to work, or wherever your at with this holiday week I wanted to share my favorite gift. The gift that came yesterday, without any wrapping paper or a bow. But certainly the best gift! Jacks antibody titers are down, they have made a significant jump downward. … Continue reading

moving forward in 2013

Jack had his last round of chemo on Friday. He will have a full week to recover and to enjoy his favorite holiday. He is in good spirits, just dealing with fatigue and some stomach problems. January 3rd we will be back in the hospital all day for blood work and Arzerra. On the 4th … Continue reading


With Jack not receiving chemo this week I am totally cherishing the freedom from stress. Its wonderful, its like a vacation! Today was his enzyme infusion and it was such a simple task compared to last week 4 days of chemo plus enzyme plus a handful of yukky drugs (steroids). Instead of manic mom this … Continue reading

A new meaning to chemo

The past 2 weeks Jack has received increased amounts and added chemo drugs in hopes to decrease his IgG antibodies that have plateaued. The regimen has really been difficult on his body and mom’s heart. Jack has been experiencing a whole new level of side effects…vomiting, to anxiety, to combative anger, and sadness. It’s really … Continue reading