moving forward in 2013

Jack had his last round of chemo on Friday. He will have a full week to recover and to enjoy his favorite holiday. He is in good spirits, just dealing with fatigue and some stomach problems.
January 3rd we will be back in the hospital all day for blood work and Arzerra. On the 4th he will have another round of IVIG plus Velcade and enzyme. If lab work from this week shows low to no IgG antibodies we get to go on a once a month maintenance plan. Praying praying praying. Last GAGs lab were promising, they are going down. Were ready to move forward in 2013!

Most importantly, thank you for checking in on us. On Jack. We are blessed to have him. And blessed to have Juliet. We wish you all a very appreciative and joyful holiday season with family and friends. Hug a little longer, read one more book before bedtime, laugh a little louder and dance!
Best in 2013!



3 thoughts on “moving forward in 2013

  1. Big big prayers and lots of them for the lab results this week! Thanks for the treatment update. Merry Christmas! Xoxo

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