Gift without wrapping paper

Happy holidays!

Amidst the food, toys, returns, friends/family, back to work, or wherever your at with this holiday week I wanted to share my favorite gift. The gift that came yesterday, without any wrapping paper or a bow. But certainly the best gift!
Jacks antibody titers are down, they have made a significant jump downward. And these labs were from the week of Thanksgiving, prior to the increase of chemo meds. This is very promising. We anticipate that next weeks labs, will hopefully show “normal” antibody levels and then we will begin a monthly maintenance plan.
We are overjoyed! What a huge relief. What a way to begin the new year!

Jack recovered nicely from last weeks chemo, he slept all weekend but was fully recovered for Christmas Eve. He has been so excited about cookies (although he doesn’t eat them), Santa, Disney movies on tv, cousins, bowling, and this year -sledding. Jack has never had any interest in snow, or sledding but with a sister and cousins interested he is exploring and really liking it! Jason and I cherish these moments, lots of photos!

So, next week, Jack will have a rigorous course of chemo on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This will be an extremely difficult week for Jack since we are transitioning from holiday fun at Dee Dee and Papa’s house. The few days of feeling “normal” will be taken over by meds, infusions, nausea, and fatigue. This upcoming week also is heavy on my heart and head, but knowing it could be the last gives me the energy to tackle it. And someday soon, Jack and I will truly have a holiday/school break! (Yes I might be counting down to spring break already 😎)


4 thoughts on “Gift without wrapping paper

  1. Thanks for the video! I have seen so many photos of Jack, but have never heard him talk. He melts my heart! I am glad for your good news and hope this next round of chemo is over and done with, and with as few side effects as possible. I predict 2013 will be a good one for Jack and you guys as well!

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