No words can be released from me to explore this birthday without you Jack.

But here I am. Learning. Being guided by you for the so much new. The next.

I miss you so much. I miss those toes, hand holds, those freckles, our secrets, our missions, and mostly your belly laughter with big smiles.

Our new relationship is incredibly sacred and filling. And also hopeful and reassuring. Your vessel gone, your soul so present more then ever.

I love you Birthday Boy! Your favorite day is here. Sister has a super, fabulous evening planned. Can’t wait to feel you and celebrate with you. Whole.

Thank you for making me your mom. This day. 15 years ago. I will never forget your grand entrance. And you teachings that started moments after birth.

Happy Birthday Jack Teagan.

Love your biggest and heartbroken fan.

JACK’s Mom

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