Port #3

Jack’s port removal and new placement was successful.  We learned the reason behind his previous port complications…he outgrew it!  It was inevitable that it would need to be replaced, which makes me feel a lot better about choosing to put Jack through this surgery.  Since he had 2 ports in his left upper chest it was moved to his right upper chest.  All the scars on his little chest sadden me, and remind me every day how much he has to deal with. damn disease!

So the new port is working and just in time to start labs, chemo, IVIG, and enzyme infusions.  We also tagged an EMG onto the procedure, we learned that Jack’s nerve conduction is mild which is great news.  His fingers are still triggered but this digit release surgery is not as urgent.  We will wait till after the holidays to schedule that surgery.  Anyhow, Jack is recovering nicely.  Other then a cough he is eating and sleeping well.  We will be accessing the new port on Tuesday, fingers crossed it works well!

Stay tuned for a BIG week ahead…

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