September 7th marked Jack’s 6th birthday. For the past 6 months he has asked about having a pirate “Arrr” “Birfday Partay”, so after 6 months of counting down, the big day happened. I would say it was a huge success at many levels! First, he was healthy enough to celebrate it! Secondly, we are now on chemo maintenance so we also celebrated that! Thirdly, we were blessed with friends and family surrounding us! And much gratitude for each and everyone who helped to make sure the day was perfect! We were blessed with a pre party visit from the Purcell family who came in from Vancouver, its so easy. And then Melissa and Case from Tennessee, and the Mitchell family from Indiana were able to come to the actual party. I know first hand traveling with our boys is not easy, so it meant more then a simple thank you, it means a certain special flow of love and light through my heart. And last, we were able to capture the day on video thanks to Joey Howell filming Boys With Bigger Hearts. And thanks to my dad who snapped away the day.
I have attached a couple of special photos from the day. Enjoy!









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