Project Alive #WhenIGrowUp

Hello Jack Followers!

It is very important time for all of us to come together to help save Jack!

On June 10th,  we will be launching a campaign to fund the remaining portion of gene therapy research.


In order to make this campaign a HUGE success we need ALL your help on spreading the word.  We need Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Emails, the Media, personal Blogs… all blowing up with the Project Alive video and #WhenIGrowUp.

It is a really exciting time for families dealing with this rare disease, and for us to hold onto HOPE for a future for our boys.  But we need your help!  Please consider doing one or more of the following:

~ tweet the video, share the video via email or Facebook, share on any social media outlet, call everyone and anyone you know  and share the video

~ host a launch party where you share the video on June 10th or soon after

~ submit your social network names or outreach database to me

~ or do you know any high profile individuals that could reach thousands or millions of followers?

Let me know how you would like to help!


And what did or do you want to be when you grow ? …

ProjectAlive-cast                  smiles

One thought on “Project Alive #WhenIGrowUp

  1. So glad you all are going for this!! I will help however I can! Have some ideas…and will keep you posted…love love love to you guys!

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