I celebrate…

Today I celebrate.  I will not look back into the yester years and I will not be fearful for tomorrow.  Today I celebrate you my special, sacred soul.  Gifted not to others but to me.  In this very moment you are 9 now.

You hold hands so tenderly and inquisitive.  You move your eyes around a room with delight and curiosity.  You laugh at specific scenes in your favorite movies and sometimes randomly smile while in deep thought.  You glance outdoors while eating dinner, and often look up to the sky.  You try so hard to keep your skills, trying to hold a cup or walk a single step.  You watch your sister with amazement (and annoyance), you relax in the care of mom and dad.  You love schedules and the regular routines.

You are you now, and now is what I know I have. I celebrate you Jack!  You amazingly courageous and beautiful beautiful boy!

Happy Birthday Jack, I love you!



There is no fear in love…

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