You did it Jack!

11 years!

This past year you have shown me so much courage, strength, patience and commitment. You stayed out of inpatient this past year. You didn’t go under general anesthesia this year. You enjoyed skipping an infusion here and there. You reminded us of the little things. The simplest of things- smiles, touches, eye contact and breathes.

You are the captain of the ship my dear boy. Your guiding me. Through waves and storms with grace and courage. You are showing me how to do life. How to do death. You steady my heart with your amazing smile. You lift my spirits with your silly laughs. Or just a glance in my direction.

The wheel remains yours. More so then ever. Your crew is getting smaller but have become the very important ones who won’t dive overboard. You have assigned us each very special roles.

I am so proud to be your shipmate. Your accomplishments in this past year are beyond measurable. You light shines bright. Guiding us and leading us. Even in the darkest of storms.

Happy Birthday Captain Jack!

Loving you with great honor.

9 thoughts on “11

  1. From the staff and volunteers at Mothers Trust Foundation, we wish you a most Happy Birthday!! We love following your growth and seeing your smiling face. You are truly an inspiration to us all!

  2. Sending birthday wishes to a special guy that has captured the hearts of many with his smile and personality that shines through!! God bless you .. Your family.. And all the people that care about you!!πŸŽ‚β€οΈπŸ˜€

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