Emails and stories about Jack

Please enter your email in the comments, so we can stay in contact. And we would love you for you to share your stories about how Jack impacted your life. Thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers.

5 thoughts on “Emails and stories about Jack

  1. Jack was a beautiful boy, a warrior with a huge heart and a great attitude. During his short life so many people, including myself, were blessed to have Jack’s light shine upon us. May he be experiencing freedom from his earthly restrictions and joy as he moves on to his next great adventure.
    Sending love and prayers to the family💖🙏💖

  2. Have heard about Jack through his Grandparents and Steve and Sue Miller. Always went away with feelings of how brave and determined he and his family were. You will hear his voice from heaven now and know how happy and free he is. Peace and love be to you.

  3. Erica Coates

    As his nurse, Jack taught me the importance of the little tiny details that make a difference between health and comfort and potential problems. The tiny details that indicate a shift from fine to not so fine. As a human, Jack taught me the value of joy in the moment and again, that the joy is sometimes in the details. A good movie, a ball cap, and some Sprite… he is a light in my life that will never go out. Thank you for sharing your brief but oh so powerful life with me Jack. ❤️

  4. I was one of the lucky ones
    The lucky one who got to know Jack Jack
    The one who got to play thumb war with those cute chubby thumbs even though I constantly lost…
    The one who got to give him his meds and water boluses as he tried to help me and push the water down the syringe. And boy did he splatter me a few times… oh and giggle about it…
    I was the lucky one who he looked for when he had a headache and needed someone to understand and care for him… boy was he good at telling us what he needed and didn’t need…
    I was the lucky one who he smiled at when he was brought into the school clinic….
    Oh how lucky I was and am…
    But mostly…. I’m so grateful for every single moment.
    His giggle could make anyone laugh. His sweetness will be so missed. He had great Intuition and was beyond intelligent. He always blew me away.

    – I hope you know how much love he gave me daily. He is truly one of my biggest blessings and will forever be in my heart.
    With Love,
    Nurse Joanna Caballero

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