The Sunday Paper…


Quick Update…

We continue to share our story with the media. Yesterday our story was posted online and today our story was featured on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times. We are receiving a lot of feedback and support! Social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook have photos of Jack plastered all over it. It is definitely not the story we want viewed around the world, but we remain hopeful that soon we can share with the world that Shire is our hero and Jack is saved!

Also, we continue filming our piece for the beautiful documentary, Boys With Bigger Hearts. Thank you Joey for acknowledging the importance of our journey, exposing the reality of what it is like to have a child with a rare disease, and the obstacles that we encounter. It is our story and we believe it needs to be told.

Joey and Jack

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Paper…

  1. Love to you, Jason, Juliet, and of course Jack! I hope that the exposure you are getting will influence Shire to do the right thing and save Jack. Big hugs from Denver!

  2. Shire can no longer ignore the momentum Jack’s story has gained. You’ve got people all over the world with their eye on this. I hope the day you can declare Shire Jack’s heroes isn’t too far off.

  3. It is time for Shire to do what is right and release the medicine that can #SaveJack. We are so happy that your story is being told by many news outlets.

    Individuals can also spread the word by any form of social media as well.

    Remember that when you tell one friend and they tell one friend and so on, good things can happen.

    Fight on troops…for Jack. ❤

  4. Tell your story all over the world. Everyone must know what can happen, if you have a rare disease.
    I hope so much, that help will come. Jack is always in my mind.

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