It can be done, pharma can be heroes.

Earlier this week I was sent an article, it soon spread over social media and news. ‘Drug company not allowing access to a drug that could save a 7 year old boy.’ My heart ached so I reached out to his mom to let her know I was living this nightmare too. I shared my tears that constantly pour for Jack and now also for her son.

As of tonight Chimerix has decided to give Josh the drug that could save his life. What an incredible ending to a heart aching story that I know oh so well. Thank you Chimerix for putting this boys life as a priority, thanks for being brave!

For his family, please send a huge thank you to Chimerix for the taking a risk to save a precious boy.

3 thoughts on “It can be done, pharma can be heroes.

  1. I’m happy for Josh and I will continue to pray for Jack to have a real go @ life as well. Its all in God’s hands!

  2. I am happy for Josh and his family, too. And I hope, I can write this soon about JACK!
    I pray for you. And I will do my best to say it to the whole world, that JACK needs help!

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