11 thoughts on “Political Perspective

  1. Jack should get the help he needs. He is a strong boy and we need to get him the medicine he needs to stay strong

  2. What about going to Dr. Phil? I’m serious. His dynamic is to help children. It needs to come from the parents first and I know the rest of us are right here with you and will deluge Dr. Phil with comments and emails for you. Let me know.

  3. So glad to see this article. I made sure the Board of the National MPS Society got it today too, as we have been meeting with the FDA on these issues as well and had a great face to face with them a few weeks ago to tell them about our risk reward tolerance as parents (1.5 hours of telling them we have no choice but to take all the risks we can to save our kids and there is no other option). I hope we can all make progress on this. Thinking of your family often – Take care – Lisa Todd (Jack Todd’s (MPS II) mom)

  4. Come on Shire Pharmaceuticals…..show that your company puts patient welfare above profits. Provide the necessary medication for Jack to survive. Please place yourself in Jack’s parents’ position…you would do ANYTHING for your child!

  5. I just read the Weekly Standard article and forwarded it to several friends and family members. Please know that many, many people are praying for your family and your beautiful little boy.

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