The Valentine Gifts

Today, Valentine’s Day, was spend at the rehab hospital getting Jack’s new fitted wheelchair seat. The ride down was quick and easy which is rare traveling to the city. The weather was a rare warm. The building was strikingly beautiful. The people were rare and beautiful too. Amputees. Wheelchairs. White folks in the lobby the minority. Beauty everywhere. I experienced something new today. A state of the art seat fitting. Custom made for Jacks new body. His new needs. He did great even though he has been battling congestion. Respiratory issues. The reason he needs a new supportive chair to open his airway. We left with a date. A date for a final fitting for his new wheels/legs.

We came home to receive flowers, a balloon and stories from Jules. Excitement from candy to caring words to games to cards. And to homemade gifts she created for us. The best.

But just when I sat down wrap up the events – to start the evening routine for Jack. I received a message. A message that I am not sure Deb even knows how much it would give me even more light in a rare beautiful day.

She shared her almost 2 year old is in the stage of chatting. I recalled that stage with Jules. We both fluffed the fact we should be more impressed since both of first borns never had that. Anyhow the conversation led to this beautiful memory she had. Of Jack. His legs working. His words there. Him running after her in the backyard of our townhome. “Wresting her”. This was Deb and my first physical encounter since speaking for years. Her running and playing with Jack. Her allowing him to tackle her. His roughness that was simply his way of showing his comfort and love for her. Him saying you get me Deb! Her way of saying I get you Jack! Wow! What a Valentine gift.

Thank you Deb for sharing yourself. And thank you for sharing this memory. So important. So important. ♥️

Happy Valentine’s Day.

With or without a significant other, YOU are significant in this Big Bad Beautiful 🌎.

Love. Love is all we need.

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