Ever since I stopped blogging regularly, it seems to be a trend that I just make big life announcements here. So that being said, it is will sheer delight, pure fear, happy tears, and sad tears to share that we are moving back to Colorado.  Our chapter here in Illinois has reached the end.  Our 3-5 years here went to 7 years, and multiple events occurred in the later part of 2018 and early 2019 that directed us back “home”.  Although it often felt too big and scary, it is now feeling so right and clear. 

We will certainly miss so many wonderful people and things that captured us and brought incredible memories, however we are ready for our comfort zone, what we know, what we love back out west.  There are so many opportunities for each of us that we believe will only enhance our journey. 

As we say goodbye to so many sacred moments, and special people that came into our lives at the exact right time, we also are ready to leave behind so many challenges and hard stuff that we experienced.  Closing doors and opening new, God has cleared a path and so here we go!

I ask that you join us in prayer, thoughts, well wishes, blessings as we transition back to Colorado. 

We can do hard things!

In love and in the light that directs,

Jamie and fam

8 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Big moves are tough! Always guessing what is the best thing to do for our kiddos. Hope the move goes as smooth as a big move like this can possibly go. Good luck with your move!

  2. May God bless and watch over you as you start this new journey. Love Colorado. It is a beautiful state.

  3. Best of luck in your big move….Wishing you all a smooth transition home and many less hurdles afterswards. All the best and lots of hugs !

  4. I am so grateful you moved here for a short while and that is was able to meet Jack and all of you! I am happy you are able to go back home! I will be praying for smooth transitions and a life filled with joy for all of you!

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