Hot Topic – Shire needs to move forward

Boston Globe – FDA stance. CNN – compassionate use. Compassionate usage has been a hot topic, these two articles were published this week. Come on Shire jump aboard the compassionate, caring, and humane company train, help all patients.

smiles through sadness and fear

Will the sadness ever go away? No I say, but I try like hell to enjoy the time with Jack even when I want to curl up in a ball and wish it would all go away. The past months have been filled with fighting and hoping and fighting to be let down. To then … Continue reading

It can be done, pharma can be heroes.

Earlier this week I was sent an article, it soon spread over social media and news. ‘Drug company not allowing access to a drug that could save a 7 year old boy.’ My heart ached so I reached out to his mom to let her know I was living this nightmare too. I shared my … Continue reading

The Sunday Paper…

Quick Update… We continue to share our story with the media. Yesterday our story was posted online and today our story was featured on the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times. We are receiving a lot of feedback and support! Social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook have photos of Jack plastered all over it. It … Continue reading

Boston Globe

Please see The Isaac Foundations clarifying statements around yesterday’s publishing of the Boston Globe. The Isaac Foundation On a positive note, the masses responding and commenting around the article see through the PR mumble jumble and side with Jack!  It’s obvious the majority continue to see Shire’s goal to be the securing of a profit … Continue reading

Quick update

I know a lot of you have reached out about what you can do and how to help, our team is slowly but surely getting through the numerous emails and messages that have came through. As we do this, please share Jason’s message to everyone – send emails, post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and … Continue reading

Profits Before Patients

Today was one of the most difficult days of my life.  I had to sit in front of a CEO and the VP of Research and Development of Shire Pharmaceuticals to hear my son’s fate.  I am in such awe of what occurred,  I am struggling to even write, so here is a quick summary … Continue reading