Project Alive is HERE!

I vividly recall the day Jack came home from the hospital…  as we walked to the car the NICU nurse turned to me and said, “Jack Teagan is a strong name, he will be whatever he wants to be when he grows up.”  I thought to myself that he would be a doctor, a lawyer, … Continue reading

Project Alive #WhenIGrowUp

Project Alive #WhenIGrowUp

Hello Jack Followers! It is very important time for all of us to come together to help save Jack! On June 10th,  we will be launching a campaign to fund the remaining portion of gene therapy research. WE ARE ALMOST THERE! In order to make this campaign a HUGE success we need ALL your help … Continue reading

more than words

It’s been a long 5 days of not hearing “mom”. It’s one of the last words that comes from your mouth every so often and I know it too soon will be gone.  I won’t hear your voice again, its pains me to think of this, it brings me great despair that can not be described. … Continue reading


Here are a few statistics and facts to illustrate the extensiveness of the rare disease problem worldwide. There are approximately 7,000 different types of rare diseases and disorders, with more being discovered each day. 30 million people in the United States are living with rare diseases. This equates to 1 in 10 Americans or 10% … Continue reading

Love’s Grief

The paradox of life is the that the closer we get to the light, the closer we get to darkness. When carrying the weight of a medically involved, dying child there are many moments of darkness that often shadow the light.  In fact, on a daily basis, regardless of my masked smile I am hurting … Continue reading

Slo-Mo Option

I consider myself a fast paced person.  I make lists, I check them off, I take too much on at once, I multi multi task, and when I exercise I do yoga to slow myself down.  And then I crash. Since Jack was diagnosed I have been constantly teaching myself to be SLOW and to … Continue reading

Jack turns 7

Jack turns 7 on Sunday, his golden birthday someone says. Golden or not, when time is your enemy it’s extremely difficult to find the celebratory piece to it all. Today I struggle. I always envisioned Jack receiving intrathecal drug by now, his brain stable and all of us going to bed knowing he isn’t regressing … Continue reading